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Built for you

If you like the idea of owning a clock like ours and don’t relish the thought of making it yourself then I can do that for you.

I can supply everything including Nixie Tubes, spare / replacement tubes (subject to availability), power supplies GPS and NTP time synchronisation modules. Some clocks have several different tube options and costs vary depending on the type chosen.


Many people like to build their own cases for completed clocks, if that’s not you then I can provide a number of case options depending on the clock being built.

  • Acrylic cases let you see inside.
  • Stainless Steel cases are bright and shiny.
  • Finned cases made from solid block aluminium.

Here are a few suggestions:

The FunClock – featuring ‘top view’ tubes. Digit height around 15-18mm.



The QTC Clock – a variety of side view tubes are supported. Digit height around 15-18mm, also features an Alarm function.



The Halo Clock – featuring ‘top/end view’ tubes. Digit height around 15-18mm, also features an Alarm function.


The Spectrum Clock featuring larger tubes with a digit height of around 40mm. This features an alarm function as well as temperature display.


The Spectrum clock featuring new tubes manufactured in the Czech Republic (tubes have 10 year warranty). This is example is built on a custom made stand. The tubes have a digit height of around 50mm.

There are lots of options and lots of features. Some clocks support additional modules to sync time via a GPS receiver or from the internet via your own wireless network. There are lots of features that can be controlled such as powering down the tubes when you are not around (preserves tube life), backlight display of each tube with programmable colours on some clocks, fixed LEDs on others. Most also have an alarm function.

Contact me directly if you would like to find out more.